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      搜索 解放軍報

      Chinese, Palestinian presidents hold talks

      來源:Xinhuanet 責任編輯:Li Weichao
      2023-06-14 20:15:36

      BEIJING, June 14 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Beijing on Wednesday.

      Xi welcomed Abbas's visit to China. He recalled their joint attendance at the first China-Arab States Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the end of last year and their bilateral meeting during which many important common understandings were reached.

      Xi thanked Abbas for sending a congratulatory letter in March on his re-election as the Chinese president. Noting that Abbas is the first Arab head of state hosted by China this year, Xi said the visit speaks volumes about the strength of China-Palestine relations.

      Xi stressed that China and Palestine are good friends and good partners who trust and support each other. He said China was one of the first countries to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization and the State of Palestine, and has all along firmly supported the Palestinian people's just cause of restoring their legitimate national rights.

      "Facing unprecedented changes in the world and the new developments in the Middle East, China stands ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with Palestine, and work for a comprehensive, just and durable solution of the Palestinian question at an early date," Xi said.

      Today, the two presidents have jointly announced the establishment of a strategic partnership between China and Palestine.

      Xi said the establishment of a strategic partnership will serve as an important milestone in bilateral relations that builds on past achievements and heralds a brighter future, adding that China will seize this opportunity to work with Palestine to advance bilateral friendship and cooperation in all areas.

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